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Dear All,
Technical education plays a vital role in nation building and development. We, at KMCT College of Engineering thrive to educate the students by imparting technical and value based education. Our vision is to empower and mould engineers, competent with analytic, strategic and leadership abilities. Academically backward students are given special care and attention. Scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic performance. A group of highly experienced, dynamic and committed staff members work meticulously to achieve this objective. Several technical programs are conducted to improve the soft and technical skills of the students. Apart from academics the college gives importance to extracurricular activities to build the students leadership and strategic abilities. All these qualities help to build a strong academic and co-curricular record imparting knowledge, and nurturing the talent of every student. I invite you all to KMCT College of Engineering and be part of our mission and vision .

Best Regards,
Prof. Dr. M D Sreekumar


Established in 2001, KMCT College of Engineering offers Eight UG Courses (B.Tech Programmes) as well as Five PG Courses (MBA, MCA and Three M.Tech Programmes). With its avowed commitment to quality, the College has managed to attract an excellent team of qualified faculty


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Swasthi – Free Webinar

27/02/2023 - 27/02/2023 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM KMCT CE

Sargam 2020 – Online Inter KMCT Arts Fest

15/05/2023 - 17/05/2023 All Day KMCT CE

KARMA 19 – What goes around comes around

10/04/2023 - 12/04/2023 All Day KMCT CE

KARMA 18 – Getched beyond eons

06/04/2023 - 07/04/2023 All Day KMCT CE

Our Signature Events


Karma is the Annual National Level Techno-Managerial-Socio-Cultural extravaganza of KMCT College of Engineering .


Metanoia is the Annual National Level Technical Symposium of KMCT College of Engineering.

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  • I have been associated with KMCT College of Engineering from 2003 onwards. This institution has provided me the platform for a career in teaching profession. The journey with KMCT CE, all these years provides me immense pleasure and satisfaction in mentoring and teaching one of the finest students of Kerala. This proves with a set of distinguished alumni, working at different levels in their profession. Here, at KMCT CE we provide a foundation and mentor the students to the path of success not only on their intellectual abilities but also their social and moral values. On this occasion, I would like to thank the Management for their strong support for the last three years at the helm of affairs. From a Lecturer to the role of Principal of the College, shows the immense belief and faith the Management has on me. I would like to contribute with the resources at hand for the betterment of the College in academics and extra-curricular activities. This has been proved reality with my dedicated and sincere staff members, and also with the support and love of student community.

    Dr.K Kalaiselvan
    Principal - KMCT College of Engineering
  • KMCT has recorded a phenomenal growth in the past fifteen years in both health care and educational sectors. We started with National College of Pharmacy and grown through vivid areas in professional education, like Engineering, Nursing, Polytechnics, Teachers Training Institutes, architecture, etc. With the inception of KMCT Dental College, Medical College and Woman and Child Hospital, we have been able to give quality health care facilities for people from all walks of life. Each day we meet hundreds of people who walk into these hospitals and return to their homes with contentment and peace in their heart. Over the past 15 years, we have also started a number of educational institutions in the self-financing sector. Many students have benefited from these institutions and it gives me immense pleasure as the Chairman of the group to see them bloom into responsible adults, many of them holding high positions and well placed in life. We have also been able to give employment to a good number of people. I thank all our well-wishers for the support they have given over these years and promise you that we will take KMCT to new heights in the coming years.

    Dr. K Moidu
    Chairman - KMCT Group of Institutions
  • It was a great time that I spent at KMCT College of Engineering from every single perspective like academics, faculty, wonderful ambience to learn, friends – the entire experience. KMCT provided me the platform to develop different facets of my personality that have made me a more competitive and balanced individual. The rigorous curriculum has provided a strong technical foundation in computer science. I am thankful for being a part of KMCT.

    Vipin Devis - B.Tech CSE (2003-07)
    Senior Manager - Research & Development, Siemens - Healthineers
  • I cherish the time I spent at KMCT College of Engineering as a Mechanical Engineering student. Not only, it was a fantastic time of learning, but also we had lots of fun and joy with friends on campus and in the hostel. Oh, I miss those days. When looking back now, I would highlight three important aspects for which I am grateful for KMCT CE. Firstly, the presence of fantastic faculty members who made a lot of difference in my life. These teachers not only offered support in the academics but also as mentors who were interested in my personal growth. Secondly, KMCT offered me the freedom to try new things and provided different platforms to display my curiosity, be it IEEE, KARMA ’13 or other Inter-college competitions. The events we organized and the people we met helped me nurture life skills. I believe, among other things, KMCT is a great place for students who think beyond the academic syllabus. Thirdly, the resources at KMCT, especially the library and information center, is one of the best and have been critical to my academic success story. I can’t thank enough.

    Jayaram Anandha - B.Tech ME (2009-13)
    Service Analytics & Quality Manager at TSCNET Services, Germany
  • I’m really grateful for the well-rounded education received from KMCT College of Engineering. Instructors in all courses were patient, understanding, and highly skilled. That really assisted to clarify our doubts on the subjects and helped us to learn the fundamentals. Selecting the final year project in chip design was my best decision, kick starting my journey into the professional career of chip design. Guidance and mentorship from Professors for the final year project helped me to learn VHDL/Verilog outside the course curriculum which resulted in me getting a job soon upon graduation. Four years at KMCT college were the most precious and fun-filled learning process. Beside curriculum, Campus life and Arts/Sports Fests were also remarkable experiences for each of us. Hostels used to be abuzz with activities which forged strong friendships lasting to this day. Overall, I think KMCT CE is a wonderful college to be in. If I could, I’d relive those days over again.

    Riyas NR - B.Tech ECE (2001-05)
    Staff Design Engineer, Xilinx Inc
  • My life changed during my time at KMCT College of Engineering. I was an introvert who just focused on getting good grades till my 12th standard, KMCT CE gave me a platform to explore my interests and pursue my passion which helped me to reach where I am today. I don't think I would have been able to achieve any of my accomplishments if I had chosen to be at another college. The best part is that I was able to experience the glimpse of real-life work that I am doing currently as a part of my job while I was at college, which definitely gave me a much deeper understanding of what I want to do after College and further helped me chose the career option that I am extremely passionate about. One of the best parts of KMCT are the professors who try to understand the non-academic skills / interests of students and go beyond their academic duties to support students in pursuing it further & guide them throughout the process. In my case, Dr. Ranjith C boosted my morale with tremendous support along with other professors, and the management, fellow students & student communities played a significant role too. Thank you, KMCT.

    Farish C V - B.Tech ECE (2009-13)
    Program Manager, Google Play at Google
  • It gives me immense pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my B.Tech from KMCT College of Engineering and has been a major turning point in my life. I was able to grow academically, thanks to the guidance of our competent and benevolent professors. To sum up the four years of my journey at KMCT, I have to say it was amazing. I am extremely thankful to all the faculty members for providing all the support that helped me to grow both professionally and personally

    Amritha N - B.Tech AEI (2006 - 10)
    Software Test Engineer - Continental Automotive, Singapore
  • KMCT college of Engineering has got one of the best infrastructural facilities and brilliant faculties, an Engineering school can have. My academics are off to a fine start from KMCT in the year of 2010. I consider myself fortunate to complete my Under Graduation in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. The support from faculty and the institution allowed me to make my goals and dreams a reality. Further completing Post Graduation from Abroad , I am currently working as a Biomedical Engineer for Siemens Healthineers, Western Australia.

    Biomedical Engineer - Siemens Healthineers
  • The campus life of KMCT is good with all the facilities and amenities. They have a well equipped library consisting of relevant books. All the faculty members are always accessible for the students to solve their doubts. The open culture of the college to allow students to be a part of various technical and non-technical associations, getting permissions to conduct various programs, etc. have helped in the holistic development of me as an individual. The experience gained here during creating and working in various capacities has immensely helped me in my professional growth trajectory.

    Rahul Raveendran - B.Tech AEI (2010-14)
    Manager, Startup Innovation, T-Hub, Hyderabad
  • KMCTCE provided me the opportunity to learn and develop through the knowledge given in the lectures and practicals in the laboratories. The amazing and highly qualified faculty helped me in getting in-depth knowledge about all the subjects in my selected field. Thanks to KMCTCE for helping me to take my initial steps as a professional Engineer!!!

    Shabeer A T - B.Tech CSE (2003-07)
    Founder, Shab Solutions
  • KMCT College of Engineering is the place that gave me lot of nostalgic memories in my life. Like everyone, the most memorable days in my life are College days. I learned a lot of things during those days including how to communicate, how to deal with others and how to shape my personality etc.The college atmosphere is filled with positive energy and talented faculties. The campus is filled with limitless opportunities and how far to utilise this is our decision. Our life is not fully based on academics and sometimes our interests, experience and talent will take us to another route. Anyway in my opinion life is too short, so take your opportunity and make it happen.

    Abdul Mukthadir R K - B.Tech ME (2011-15)
    Co-Founder & Director - Potafo Online Delivery
  • KMCT College of Engineering offered me an opportunity to perceive and transform my dream career into a successful venture. Coming from nothingness, the four year journey enabled me to widen my horizon and reinforce my personal traits. Despite the curriculum, practical aspects, the faculties and colleagues supported and moulded me to find the perfect track. Communication being the key of entrepreneurship, my experiences at KMCTCE harnessed me to lay a strong foundation.

    Suhail Moideen - B.Tech CE (2012-16)
    Founder, Sketis Builders
  • It was great being a part of my college that helped me to develop my talents and have been an important turning point in pursuing my pathway to a successful engineer. Apart from academic learning, I was taught to interact with people through team works and practical knowledge that boosted my confidence.

    Sabah Rahman - B.Tech CE (2012-16)
    Co Founder, Sketis Builders
  • Here’s something magical in this place, which will make you fall in love with it. As far as academics is considered, it finally comes down to YOU! It's your choice whether to take advantage of your independence, enjoy life out of limits and eventually flunk in the exams or work hard and pass with flying colors. Let me tell you, there are a lot of hard-workers here, who really want to learn engineering, score well and shape their careers.

    Haseeb Rahman C - B.Tech CE (2014-18)
    Co Founder, Struqta Builders
  • I believe that the achievement of an organization is a result of combined efforts of each individual. This is something that I learnt at KMCT. The place that helped me build not only my career but an ambition that was fulfilled by the support of everyone. KMCTCE believed in its students and that makes this College stand out among others.

    Shahul P K - B.Tech CE (2014-18)
    Co Founder, Struqta Builders
  • Discovering and choosing College that fulfills all of my needs was a rigorous yet exciting task. The KMCT clearly emerged as the best choice for me and I,as a great match for the university. And after spending time here, I’ve got very good friends and very friendly environment. Teachers are very supportive with friendly nature. All faculties are very nice and infrastructure of the college is also very good.

    Faheem Jafer - B.Tech CE (2014-18)
    Co Founder, Struqta Builders
  • I am very glad to share a positive journey about my four years of college life. KMCT has changed my outlook on life and me as a person.It has helped me to develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. I am very grateful to my faculties for effectively and sincerely helping me . One of the main reason that I was motivated to push myself to start a new firm is my College.

    Ijal P - B.Tech CE (2014-18)
    Co Founder, Struqta Builders
  • The four years at KMCT College of Engineering encouraged and polished my skills at its best and guided me to reach where I am today. More than anything else, my college has played a vital role in my upgrowth out of nothing to utilizing my full potential.

    Arjun P V - B.Tech CE (2012-16)
    Co Founder, Sketis Builders
  • I uncovered the unhinged uncertainties about life from my cherished experiences aided by the college, KMCT. The auspicious atmosphere in my college accorded a bunch of worthy friends, teachers and a hopeful panache for my life. These treasured life lessons became the prime motive to begin my firm with a strong belief and hope in achieving success.

    Ashraf K V - B.Tech CE
    Co Founder, Green Architect
  • When I first walked into KMCT College of Engineering, I was only a boy who missed his home. It's safe to say that my definition for the meaning of life has changed multiple times since then, thanks to all my friends and teachers, who through various ways have moulded the person I am today. I stand at a happy place in my career right now, with the beginning of a new firm and there's a lot of people to thank, but I know for a fact that whatever I achieve from now in my professional or personal life, the four years I spent in my college has a huge part to play in it.

    Muhammed Shahid M - B.Tech CE
    Co Founder, Green Architect
  • I have learned the true meaning of life from my college...KMCT college has given me a bunch of good friends, dedicated teachers and a positive hopeful atmosphere. Those valuable lessons were my motive to start my firm and I'm sure that this will be a major turning point in my life.

    Muhammed Hafiz - B.Tech CE
    Co Founder, Green Architect

Lets hear from our Chairman, Principal and Distinguished Alumni

Started in 2001,KMCT College of Engineering is one of the oldest self financing College in Malabar region, giving prominence to quality education and grooming talented intellectual engineers. Since its inception, the College has contributed much to the society and have an array of distinguished alumni across the globe in the role of successful engineers, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and celebrities. Lets hear from few of our distinguished alumni, our beloved Chairman and Principal about their memories, experience and expectations about KMCT College of Engineering.