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KMCT College of Engineering has crossed many milestones along the path of attaining success. One of the major milestone was recognized on the 4th of October 2019 through the formation of the Students Union. With the Music Band and Dance Crew, for the first time in the history of the KMCT College of Engineering, a sixteen member college union was introduced.The Students Union was solely dedicated to students of KMCT CE with the students taking a pledge of Drug free campus and Plastic free campus. It was undoubtedly necessary to ensure that all students are properly represented and their voices and needs are heard and accounted for. This empowers the students to fully understand and achieve their goals and helps in the fulfillment of societal responsibility. It is this enlightenment of these aspects, which was the striving force that helped in the formation of such a union. This students union has given students a sense of representation that they deserved in college matters.

Purpose of Students Union

The students' union is often accorded its own building on the campus, dedicated to social, organizational activities, representation, and academic support of the membership. This building is also referred to as a student activity centre. The purpose of students' union is to represent students both within the institution and externally, including on local and national issues. Students' unions are also responsible for providing a variety of services to students

Activities of Students Union KMCT CE

This students union has, without doubt, served as a key factor in boosting the student's morale, and created several platforms to give students a place to exhibit their thoughts and skillsets. From the poster making to the cartoon drawing contests, in accordance with the inaugural festivities. This was followed by the Kerala Day celebrations which was indeed a spellbound experience to the campus. The Annual sports meet named 'Kali 2k19', was a sensational event which highlighted the sporting stars among the students. The student's union also took initiative to throw light on many important aspects like the National Cancer Day awareness which was followed by a short film competition. The union also extendedits helping hands to the College NSS unit in all possible manners. The team work and the sincere efforts put in by the students union has won them the hearts of every student in KMCT CE

Students Union

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