TinkerHub originated in 2014 with couple of technology enthusiasts dedicated to sit together and share knowledge about programming and technology. Through gaining experience in various technologies, our community is able to identify the best opportunities and learning methods. We shared the vision of having community learning and all good people around tech joined their hands to make this a reality.We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate technology professionals with a common vision to bring tech learning culture


Tinkerhub’s mission is to empower people, whether it be a student or a tech-enthusiast, by giving them an opportunity to learn emerging technology skill sets which would accelerate innovation within one’s learning path, and make them future ready tech-talents. By pursuing this mission, the Foundation aims at creating a focussed platform to accelerate learning of skills to be on par with the global technology ecosystem and the new global workplace. Tinkerhub works as a community of enthusiasts that focuses on nurturing co-creation and catalysing a technology learning culture through peer-to-peer or reciprocal learning.


Thus by equipping individuals with future technologies, the foundation aims at creating a potent workforce, capable of unlocking the vast reservoir of untapped potential, in the form of creativity and innovation that the youth of the 21st century holds. Choice is the greatest luxury one can have; and to exercise that, it is only imperative that we arm each and every student with the right options to choose. By improving specific learning outcomes, Tinkerhub essentially places People First by empowering these individuals with technology education and skill sets, to make sustainable choices and multi-dimensional solutions, that the complex new world needs. Thus, by arming them with the potent tools, through an inclusive culture, problem-solving environment and imbibing the values of “technology for good”, Tinkerhub is trying to create a better, equal and more sustainable world


KMCT college of Engineering


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