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Alumni are the reflection of an Organization's past, representation of its present and a link to its future. Alumni relations have become a strategic asset for any kind of higher education Institution. Educational institutions are changing the way they see and interact with their alumni community. With the advent of Social Media, alumni relationship has taken a different flavour altogether. Colleges have started to harness the power of alumni through various networking platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc by creating their alumni groups and profiles. Alumni association can create a powerful positive impact by acting as a support system in offering expertise, providing assistance in employability and offering mentorship and scholarships to current students

Objectives of KMCTCE Alumni Association

  • To maintain and update the data base of all the alumni and to interact with them.
  • To utilize the rich experiences of old students of the college for the benefit and progress of the present students
  • To provide guidance to the present students in their endeavour for better employment and higher studies
  • To get the valuable advices of the Alumni in the overall development of the College.
  • To involve the alumni in the overall development of the College and the Society
  • To identify and recognize distinguished alumni
  • To arrange and conduct meetings of the alumni
  • To conduct any and all appropriate activities to accomplish the above objectives and purposes.


KMCT College of Engineering takes great pleasure in forming an active Alumni Network. The College has an astonishing strength of alumni working in different parts of the globe. The aim of this platform is to facilitate easy communication amongst KMCTCE alumni and also provide an opportunity to reconnect with their Alma-Mater.The main aim of Alumni Association is to maintain aa good bond between College and Alumni. College have initiated many alumni meets and such meets serve as a platform for the alumni community to share their experience in the outside world, which they faced after stepping out of the institution. The meet also creates a platform to identify the Colleges most distinguished alumni.


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