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Mr. Farish C.V                                          Mr. Akshay M

“The institution will make us proud and we will make the institution proud of  us” this has been very true in the case of two students hailing from Kuttiyady. Mr. Akshay M s/o Muraleedhara Menon and Mr. Farish C.V s/o C V Kunhammed. Now it’s a glorious moment for both the institution as well as  for them too. They have been selected out from 4000+ professional and student members out of 52 colleges to attend the Region 10 (Asia & Pacific Continents) Student/GOLD/WIE Congress held at Auckland, Newzland. There is also a record in this selection only 3 official delegates are sent to represent IEEE Kerala Section from this two are being selected out of the same institution this has been a history and a record to KMCT College of Engineering and IEEE Kerala Section. Both of them are of Electronics and Communication department studying in 6th and 4th Semester respectively.

The level of exposure they have in the institution may be less but both the students tasks and actions have been well appreciated and honoured in out of the institution. As a part of this they have been awarded “2010 Outstanding Contribution to LINK/Kerala Section Award” in the year 2010. They started contributing three years back when they have been selected as IEEE SB KMCTCE ‘s Chairman and LINK Representative. They have came through many testimonials and barriers to achieve this great success. Their extreme volunteerism and passion has always been reflected in their work. This has also been a Key point why they got selected into this great achievement.

Started out from small missions and tasks of low priority they have grown into the leadership level of students in different roles. Now they are currently working in the highest student executive of IEEE Kerala SectionMr. Akshay M being Student Representative, LINK Secretary and Mr. Farish C.V being LINK Webmaster, vTools Coordinator and Electronic Communication Coordinator. They have always been instrumental in many technical and non-technical projects undertaken and still working on across Kerala Section.

The selection was made by SAB (Student Activities Board) which consist of seven member professional’s team. Consist of eminent personalities such as Mr. S. Gopakumar (Deputy Director, VSSC) and Mr. Jaison Abey Sabu (CTS, Switzerland) etc. The selection was having parameters like excellent contribution, performance, experience, current position, working strategies etc. From the day one nothing could stop them, their aggression in achieving targets and specialities in managing people as well as tasks all merged and a good chemistry between both made these students exceptional among the others.

Mr. Ranjith C being the Branch Councillor and Mr. Janardhan being the Senior member of IEEE and the student executive members also contributed a lot in many of the out of box achievements. They are really grateful to the above mentioned.     

This selection is also a great honour to represent the institution globally and acceptability among the cream crowd of dignified professionals. They’re really thankful to their mentors, peers and their colleagues who helped them in various streams to get on to the top of the list. They believe “Winning is not the destination its only a way to it”.