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The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has been functioning since the beginning of the college, in the year 2001, with an intake of 60 students. The intake of the ECE department was raised to 120 students in the year 2004. The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties of which most are having P.G qualification in different streams. The department has five labs namely Microwave Lab and MATLAB, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab, Digital ICs Lab, Analog & Digital Communication Lab and Electronic Circuits Lab. All the labs are fully equipped to meet the academic curriculum and the present day technology. The department also boasts of a department library having nearly 150 volumes of different books relating to electronics. The books are borrowed for reference only to faculty members and final year students pursuing their project and seminar works.

The Department has its own student association named “ELECTRA” and conducts many technical talks, seminars, quizes etc. The department is also associated with other professional technical associations and societies namely IEEE, ISTE and IETE, which give the students to improve and update their technical knowledge and personality development.  


Microwave Lab and MATLAB:

This lab caters to the final year students of ECE department. The lab includes 15 systems, with MATLAB 8.0 version installed in all the systems. It has two benches of microwavecomponents namely Gunn diode and Klystron. The lab also includes a fibre optic kit wherein demonstration experiments regarding fibre optic communication can be performed.


Analog and Digital Communication Lab:

Analog and Digital Communication experiments which are studied in two different academic semesters are performed in this lab. In this lab there are nine work tables, which can accommodate atleast 36 students per batch, with each work table having CRO, signal generators, function generators and power supply kits needed to perform any kind of analog and digital communication experiments


Microprocessors & Microcontroller Lab:

The lab has nine work tables with each worktable having a microprocessor 8086 kit and microcontroller 8051 kits. The lab also boasts of interfacing kits for microcontroller and microprocessors like keyboards, ADC and DAC kits, etc.


Electronic Circuits Lab:

The lab has nine work tables to accommodate four students per table. Each worktable includes power supply (single and dual), OPAMP power supply, function generator and CROs, needed to perform basic electronic experiments with transistors, diodes, etc. In this lab experiments using linear ICs like OPAMP and IC 555 timers can also be performed.



Digital IC Lab:

This lab includes nine worktables to accommodate four students per table. Each work table has digital IC trainer kits. The lab includes 18 digital IC trainer kits, Digital IC tester, CROs and function generators.  


The new proposals of the department are to develop a VLSI design lab and a Project Lab to cater to the new academic syllabus of Calicut University.





The department boasts of the largest number of students’ intake every year. The department has nearly 500 students under its fold every year. Though the students are divided based on classes and semesters, they are united under one association of the department named “ELECTRA”. The student who joins the ECE department directly becomes the member of the association. This is probably the only association with the largest number of student members in the college. The association is the foundation for the student members to ignite their thoughts and showcase their talent. The association conducts frequent seminars, by the students, faculty or from a resource person outside the college. The association releases a technical newsletter every month, with write up from the student community and faculty members regarding the trends in the field of electronics and communications.


Staff in charge: Mrs Al Sameera

Instituteof Electronicsand Electrical Engineers Student Branch (IEEE SB)

The IEEE student branch was started in this college in the year 2008. Though it is still in its infancy it has grown as potent force among the student community. The IEEE SB of KMCT CE comes under Region 10 (R 10) with its branch code – 04361 and school code – 60044498. This is the only professional association wherein students of different branches (ECE, AE&I, CS, IT, ME, AU) come under a single platform to express and share their views and technological ideas. It started with a membership of 35 students in the year 2008-2009. Presently its membership has grown to 48.

The IEEE student branch of KMCTCE has risen to new heights in the year 2010, where it boasts of owning its own student branch website – The website was planned and developed by the students itself. The Women In Engineering (WIE) a affinity group of IEEE was also started in the year 2010. The present EXECOM members and the Branch Counselor of the IEEE SB are:

  1. Chairman:  Mr. Akshay M
  2. Vice Chairman : Ms Rini Maria James
  3. Secretary: Mr. Jafar E
  4. Joint Secretary: Ms. Malini K Das
  5. Treasurer: Ms. Milana CH
  6. Link Representative: Mr. Farish CV
  7. WIE Representative: Ms. Rajeena Rahman


Branch Counselor: Mr. Ranjith C