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About the Department

The department was established with an undergraduate programmer in Automobile engineering in 2004. The department is well equipped with laboratories like Vehicle Reconditioning Lab, Engine Testing and Diagnosis center, Vehicle Servicing Laboratory, Chasis lab. etc.


The department has following state of the art laboratories catering to UG students:



Machine shop

Marking and measuring equipments, Lathes of different types,Shapers, Slotting machines, Universal milling machine, Surface grinding machine etc.

Foundry & Forging Lab

Sand moulding equipments, Foundry tools and testing machines

Heat Transfer Lab

Equipments for testing: Conductivity of metals, Heat exchangers (Parallel & counter flow), Convection testing apparatus, Radiation measuring equipment

Materials Testing Lab

Hardness Tests:Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness testers, Impact tester(Charpy &Izod), Torsion tester, Universal testing Machine, Spring testing machine

Energy conversion Engineering Lab

Air compressor- Blower tests, Pensky Martin flash and fire point apparatus, Viscometers

Engine testing: Diesel engine- 4 stroke (vertical & horizondal engines0 Petrol engine test rigs, Multicylinder engines, Dynamometers. 


Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab

Flow testing, Friction, Discharge measurements, Rotameter, Notches & Weirs, Venturimeter,Orifice meter, Francis turbine test rig, Kaplan turbine test rig, Pelton wheel test rig, Impact of jet on vane test rig, Pump tests: Centrifugal pump, Reciprocating pump.

Basic Workshop

Fitting section:Bench vices, Fitting tools,Drilling machines(Pillar, Radial & Hand) Taps&Drills,Files etc.

Carpentry: Workbenches, Wood planing machines, wood turning lathes, carpentry tools.

Sheet metal shop:Bending and folding machines, Shear, soldering &Brazing equipments and tools.

Welding shop:Arc welding equipments,Oxy-acetylin welding, Grinding.

Metrology & Instrumentation Lab

 Analogue Computer, Calibration of thermo couple, Dial audio Oscillator, Pressure indicator, Audio Oscillator, Indicator, Load Cell, LVDT Amplifier, Gear tooth Vernier Caliper, Bore dial gauge 

CAD & CAM  Lab

CNC Turn Master,  Computers, Softwares (ANSYS, SOLID WORKS, AutoCAD)