05 Sep 2023
A special day dedicated especially for appreciating and honoring teachers for their wonderful contributions in a particular field area and the community in general. The NSS Unit of KMCT COE (Unit No: 188) didn’t fail to show their gratitude and obligation to their mentors.

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On this special day, the teachers were made to walk on Red Carpets as soon as they entered the college. NSS volunteers stood on either sides of the corridor to wish each staff and to gift a card along with a red rose and a chocolate as a token of appreciation. Everyone were thrilled and pleased to see the sincere wishes of the students. The Principal and all the other Senior Faculties were honored by adorning them with Ponnadai’s.

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The student volunteers put an earnest effort in planning, arranging and surprising all their teachers. They also put up a board so as to write a note to their favorite teacher and showing their gratefulness and reverence.

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