Department -

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

The department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation was established in the year 2002. The total in take capacity of the department is 60. It aims at producing qualified engineers in the areas of Electronics, Signal processing and Instrumentation. This is an advanced branch of engineering in which students are trained to handle any situation associated with instrumentation and is widely developing to involve day to day life activities. This branch offers a wide range of job opportunities. There is hardly any area of Engineering, Science and Technology where Instrumentation in one form or the other is not needed.
This branch offers one under graduate course (B.Tech Degree) in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. The department is well equipped with a group of highly qualified and dynamic teachers.
The department has well developed laboratories with modern instruments, to enable the students to face the technological and managerial demands of the industry. There is huge collection of Textbooks, Reference books, magazines, journals of various subjects in main library, which supports and encourages students as well as faculties in a great and easy manner.
The department strives to enrich professionals of high competency in the area of instrumentation engineering and mould them to imbibe the crux of matter in the field of automation and instrumentation.

To prepare the students for hypothetical thinking and to a new era of acquisition and application of instrumentation technology in order to meet the requirements of the changing world.

The supreme goal of the department is to devise the students for a successful professional career in the field of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. The curriculum is formulated to provide each student with a sound background in Engineering science and in depth knowledge in analysis and design of electronics and instrumentation systems.